So you want to invest in real estate but do not want the onerous task of acquiring and managing assets?
The Sky Equity Capital Fund I LLC is available to accredited investors looking to receive better than average returns on their investment dollars. Sky Equity provides investment opportunities for those looking to participate in the real estate market without the usual encumbrances associated with property ownership. The success of our Sky Equity Capital Fund I LLC has produced a strong yield for investors year after year.
Sky Equity Capital Fund I LLC invests in real estate loan originations primarily in first deed position. We provide loans in markets nationwide on diverse real estate assets with a variety of short and long term loan products for seasoned real estate investors. Our conservative underwriting guidelines coupled with our many years of experience, insures investors a more secure and consistent dividend yield.

Why Invest in The Sky Equity Capital Fund I LLC?

Experience & Track Record

  • Our Fund Manger, Allen Esses, has had over 35 years of experience overseeing managed assets. He also oversees our Sky Equity Lending underwriting team and personally signs off on every loan we make. 
  • The Fund has produced a consistent 9% return annually; paid monthly without fail since inception. 


  • Sky Equity Lending has a broad range of business purpose lending programs financing residential and commercial assets with both short and long term loan options. 
  • Our lending platform is nationwide with emphasis on strong and emerging markets.


  • Sky Equity Capital Fund I LLC is a Reg. D fund. Regulation D (Reg D) is a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulation governing private placement investments. 
  • Sky Equity Lending has partnered with Axylyum Wrap. Their AXY Wrap Portfolio protection mitigates our portfolio from potential default.