Our Sky Equity Bridge Loans are built for the seasoned pro and new real estate investors alike. These short-term interest only loans can go from 6 months to 24 months with standard terms at 12 months.

Whether you are a house rescuer or rehabber improving underserved communities, a developer or builder helping add community inventory, or an entrepreneur adding vitality to a neighborhood with mixed use and commercial properties that say ready for business; Sky Equity is your go to lending partner.

NOTE: Exit strategies are required for bridge loans and lender origination fees apply. While programs are available for most borrowers. A borrower with minimum credit, limited experience and liquidity, and/or needing max leverage highlighted below will likely not qualify for the "preferred rates" below.

This is not a commitment to lend. All offers of credit are subject to approval. Terms disclosed above are for highly qualified borrowers and are subject to change with market conditions. The Sky Equity Capital Fund I, LLC is located at 43 West 33rd Street, New York City, NY 10001. Terms noted above are subject to change with market conditions.